12 Genius Things That Actually Exist And 12 Insane Things That Should Not Exist

Inventors are amazing. These are the people who see a problem, come up with a creative solution, and actually figure out a way to create a product that gets the job done. It always amazes me when I see genius products that make me think “why didn’t I think of that?!”

That being said, there are other inventors who seem to be creating more problems than they solve. These are the inventions and products that make us question why the heck they exist in the first place!

Today, we’re going to look at some things from both groups that will blow your mind.

1. Storm-proof umbrellas.

One of the problems with normal umbrellas is that as soon as you get a gust of wind, those suckers turn inside out. Senz designed an aerodynamic umbrella that will hold its shape even in the middle of a storm. Genius!

2. Solar powered tents.

The Eddie Bauer/Goal Zero collab allows you to camp literally anywhere and still have access to your electronics. You can listen to music, take pictures, and keep your phone charged for emergencies. The wiring inside the Katatatic tent can charge Goal Zero’s tiny Sherpa 50 battery pack or gigantic Yeti Solar Generator.

3. Pop-up bike racks.

Any city that encourages bike riding will have bike racks set up on the sidewalk. The problem is that they’re stuck there even when no one’s using them, and that reduces the space available for foot traffic. To combat this problem, pop-up bike racks were invented. They’re built right into the sidewalk and disappear when not in use.

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