12 Genius Things That Actually Exist And 12 Insane Things That Should Not Exist

7. Portable night-lights for trips to the bathroom. 

Never stub your toe on your way to the bathroom again! The BoonGlo Nightlight with portable balls lets you remove a glowing orb to help guide your way. I’m sure this makes bedtime a lot easier with kids, too!

8. See-through toasters. 

This is brilliant! It’s hard to set the perfect heat for toast, and once you find it, someone inevitably moves it. The Cuisinart ViewPro glass toaster lets you check your toasting progress without popping it up every 20 seconds.

9. Self-cleaning hairbrushes.

If you have a hairbrush, you have this problem. After a few uses, hair starts piling up at the base of the bristles. Hair products get all gunked up in there, too. If you think about it, it’s pretty gross. The bristles on the Qwik-Clean hairbrush retract, allowing you to remove hair and clean the base.

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